Saturday, January 31, 2009

by Mark Silva
Here's a question for the Obama White House, with all its new lobbying rules about who can come into the administration and what they can do there, based on what interests they've represented.
If an organized lobbying effort is waged on behalf of Labradoodles, can the first family accept a pet of that variety for Obama daughters Sasha and Malia?
This is only one of the questions for the newly organized Labradoodles for Obama, which announces its formation with the advisory that "the campaign for First Dog is heating up.''
Having seen no organized effort on behalf of the Portuguese water dog, which is the other breed - actually the only breed, inasmuch as the fact that the Labradoodle, half Labrador retriever and half Standard poodle, is not a recognized breed - that the president has publicly mentioned in the family's dog hunt, it would seem that the Labradoodle lobby has a, uh, leg up, on the water dogs.
Washington marketing executive Greg Nelson, voicing "pride in his own Labradoodle, Arbo,'' is behind this campaign, which is aimed not only at placing a Labradoodle at 1600 Pennsylvania, but also at raising awareness about the need to rescue puppies, and the grown variety too, from shelters.
At the very least, the best result for the Labradoodles for Obama campaign is the money we raise for the Washington Humane Society" Nelson says. "Beyond that, if Arbo is invited for a play-date on the South Lawn, well, that would be a great bonus."
And, before you go and get too wound up about another dog posting here in the Swamp, please remember, it's Saturday.
We're headed for the dog park. Woof.

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