Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White House Dog Tales

(New York) April, 7, 2009
Guess who's coming to The White House? Vladimir Putin of Russia? Wen Jiabao from China? Perhaps The Dalai Lama? They may indeed meet with President Obama in the days ahead but there's no one more important to the first family than the arrival of The White House Dog in April. It's no secret that the canine's expected delivery to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is one campaign promise Obama is obligated to keep, and Sasha and Malia are holding him to it!
To commemorate this special day and coinciding with National Poetry Month, award-winning journalist Harold Goldberg has penned a whimsical story, White House Dog Tales: The Very Personal Rhyming Diary of the White House Dog and the Mystery in the Fountain. It's the first in a series of White House Dog Tales, humorous and inspiring children's books about the incoming White House dog and is targeted to children. But it will appeal to anyone who’s a fan of dogs, the White House itself, the First Family and, of course, games on the Wii.
The story surrounds an affable dog who can find things. While he becomes known around the White House for his ability, the dog has an Achilles heel: he doesn’t like the water. When confronted with a life and death situation, the dog has to face fears. That’s the moral to the story: everyone can face their fears and do things they didn’t think possible. They just need to try.
White House Dog Tales is currently available via CDBaby,, and the official blog, It will soon be accessible via other popular entertainment sites including iTunes and Amazon. And, 10 percent of the profits from the sale of the poem will be distributed to charity, including Save The Children, the World Wildlife Fund and the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America.
Harold Goldberg is a columnist for Boys’ Life and has written for Family Circle, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Wired, The New York Times Book Review, VH1 and many others. He is co-author of the best-selling book My Life Among the Serial Killers. Goldberg is now working on a narrative history of video games called The Game Changers for Random House.
The poem is read by Donna Mei-Ling Park. After a stint with MTV Canada as a fashion correspondent, she has opted for cerebral media and now travels the world for the country's most popular video game lifestyle TV show, the Electric Playground. She is based in Montreal.
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