Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama DOGGED at European town hall meeting

STRASBOURG, France (AP) — Who knew Europe had so many Americans?
President Barack Obama found out when he held a town-hall meeting for German and French citizens Friday.
Inside the cavernous Rhenus Sports Arena on the French-German border, Americans kept raising their hands.
The first person called on, a young lady, was American. The irony of the moment led Obama to declare: "Now, I just want to say I did not call on the American on purpose."
He issued a plea after answering her question.
"All right, now. I know there's some other Americans in the crowd. But do me a favor, Americans. Wait till we get back home and I'll do a town hall there, because I want to hear from my French and German and European friends," he said.
But two questions later he called on ... another American.
"Hello Mr. President. I'm sorry, I'm from Chicago. Excuse me," said the questioner, another young woman.
Obama started to object.
"Well, no, I'm sorry. If you're American I can't ...," he said. She quickly added that she's also French.
"What does that mean?" he said.
"Double nationality," she replied.
"Dual nationality," the president said, before turning to the audience. "What do you think? Should we let her ask the question?" The audience gave its consent. "OK, go ahead."
And so the woman with dual nationality asked two questions: whether the economic crisis was an opportunity for industries to become more ecological, and whether the promised White House dog had arrived.
Soon, on the dog, he said, and yes on green opportunities for business.

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