Monday, March 30, 2009

Arbo UNLEASHED In The Baltimore Sun

By Mary Corey
One thing I learned yesterday during the It-is/It-isn't-a-Portuguese-Water-Dog drama was this: There are some very funny, clever and informative Web sites and blogs out there devoted solely to the soon-to-be First Dog.
I was tipped off by Greg Nelson, who yesterday was cheering when he learned that his beloved Labradoodles may still be in the running. He even has a new site devoted to his cause. He calls himself the founder and his 18-month-old miniature Labradoodle Arbo (above) the president. To show your Labradoodle love, you can even buy yard signs, buttons and dog T-shirts. All proceeds of sales go to animal rescue organizations and shelters.
If you're way into First Dog news (and who isn't?), here are some other not-to-be-missed sites and blogs on the topic.
American Kennel Club provides useful info on the search, materials on hypoallergenic breeds and facts on past presidential pets. Don't miss: The video of too-cute Portuguese Water Dogs has an amusing Obama dog blog. Don't miss: The poll with questions including: What name should the Obamas choose? (Chief and Veto are options as answers.) What should the First Dog's first toy be? (Osama bin Laden plush toy or Barack Obama's basketball shoes?)
The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America has a comprehensive site on the subject with everything from grooming tips to handling behavioral issues. Don't miss: The Test your PWD Knowledge quiz

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