Sunday, March 15, 2009

White House to Receive Eco-Friendly Doghouse

Sustainable Pet Design has created an eco-friendly, non-toxic doghouse, "Summa Canum," for the First Dog. Green companies across the country have donated materials and services, including rock legend Neil Young, who is driving it to the White House this month. The dog home is intended to be used as a vehicle to introduce the American public to sustainable materials and practices.Summa Canum features a greenroof, reclaimed wood and zero-VOC paint. Vegetation will be sent to the White House after the dog home is received so that the Obamas may plant it themselves if desired. The home is built with cedar reclaimed from Andrew Jackson’s estate after a tornado felled trees on the property in 1998. Many of these trees were planted by Jackson himself. A certificate of authenticity for the wood is included with the dog home.Neil Young will be driving to the White House in March 2009 in his super-efficient hybrid 1959 Lincoln Continental to promote environmentally responsible vehicles; Summa Canum will be riding along in the convoy and delivered to the White House. The dog home generated enough enthusiasm among members of the green community that almost all of the materials were donated.Summa Canum is more than a doghouse—it is an effort to promote and introduce sustainable materials to the American public through an accessible object. Sustainable Pet Design and the sponsors of Summa Canum hope to create excitement through the idea that green is cool and patriotic. The interest it generates will provide an opportunity to present greenroofs and eco-friendly materials as concrete ways to decrease climate change and waste, lower health concerns and provide green jobs.

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