Thursday, March 12, 2009

Million Doodle March

On March 29,individuals from across North America are lobbying for a cause they truly believe in. An issue yet to be answered.. but often in heated debate. A decision that President Obama will be responding to in the coming weeks, which will be highly anticipated. This will not address the economy, the war, or global warming... but for many people takes on its own personal significance. What type of dog will be the First Dog of his administration?.
On March 29, Doodle owners (and their dogs and friends) from across North America have joined forces for the first ever MILLION DOODLE MARCH. This passionate event will make it clear, that Doodle owners want their voices heard.
Join friends of Bocker the Labradoodle, Matilda First Dog, and Arbo for the Million Doodle March….a dog-a-thon walk throughout the United States and Canada. You don’t have to be a doodle to walk and you don’t have to leave your home town in order to participate in this international event…butwalk your dog for your favorite charity, get sponsors, or just walk yourself for a cause.
This Million Doodle March will also act as an International FUNdraiser…a “dog a thon”..a walk for a cause to benefit The Autism Connection and National Service Dogs (Canada) and the Humane Society. Fundraising pledged to walkers will benefit their own chosen local charities. It is our own Cyber-Walk.. a special day to set aside to do something good for those in need no matter where we all live.Visit our Facebook Page for the Million Doodle Walk Cause Visit our Facebook Page for the Million Doodle Walk EVENT and info where to send your donations. Thanks!
Please visit Bocker’s Store for Buttons and T-shirts to Support his cause (Buttons and T-shirts designed by our good friends at !)Click this link for Pledge Sheet for those sponsoring a walk in their home townClick here to download our Flyer (both in pdf format)

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