Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cartoon Matilda wants to go from the dog house to The White House

Matilda for first dog - Her Barack is as good as her bite


Yes, you heard right. Cartoon Matilda is running for 1st Dog and we need your support. President Roosevelt had his teddy, so let’s make more history and give President Obama his Matilda!!

President Obama has promised his two girls, Sasha and Malia that he will get them a puppy when they move into The White House, and Cartoon Matilda is virtually the right choice.

What does Cartoon Matilda stand for? Well, she stands on all fours!

You should endorse Cartoon Matilda for the following reasons;

a) She's a Labradoodle that was first bred in 1989 in Australia which will help with international relations.

b) Labradoodle's were bred to be service dogs so Cartoon Matilda will be of service to the Obama family and America.

c) Cartoon Matilda coat is wool, so she’s hypo-allergenic, so Malia's allergies will not be affected.

d) Cartoon Matilda is cute and adorable with these features: i) She doesn't need to go out to do 'her business'. White House business should always be classified confidential, inside and discreet. ii) Cartoon Matilda will not require a vet, therefore the American people will have no vet bills to foot, keeping taxes down. In these economic times this is important. iii) Cartoon Matilda is a green dog. (not LITTERaly). She was made without pen or paper and she is generated and powered by wind. iv) Cartoon Matilda will never CHANGE, thus she will be there for the Obama children through this term and the next.

f) Cartoon Matilda can handle any and all adversaries because she's a female dog (bitch).

You can see Cartoon Matilda's political message at toonEcards.com.

Let everyone know, including President Obama that Cartoon Matilda is VIRTUALLY the right choice for 1st Dog.

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  1. Matilda for 1st dog - Her Barack is as good as her bite!