Monday, February 2, 2009

Labradoodles For Obama Press Release

Contact: Greg Nelson
Labradoodles for Obama
(202) 669-2896


Washington, DC—Prepare to cast your ballot once more; the campaign for First Dog is heating up. The announcement by President Obama that the first family has narrowed their choice for the family dog to either the Portuguese water dog or the Labradoodle has launched a new season of campaigning.

Marketing executive and entrepreneur Greg Nelson is lobbying for a Labradoodle in the White House through his newly created organization Labradoodles for Obama.

Nelson initiated the effort out of pride in his own Labradoodle, Arbo, and his interest in seeing the first family adopt their own mixed Labrador-Poodle breed. However, his message behind Labradoodles for Obama goes much deeper. Nelson champions three specific issues important to many animal advocates. First, individuals and families should practice responsible dog ownership, specifically by choosing a dog and breed appropriate for their lifestyles and by proper maintenance and care throughout the animal’s life. Second, as owner of the closest single family home to the White House, Nelson believes the sense of community fostered by dog ownership is an important benefit that should not be overlooked or discounted. Finally, Nelson hopes to raise awareness for the need for more dog-friendly green spaces in Washington, D.C.

Through his organization Labradoodles for Obama, Nelson is raising awareness and resources for local animal shelters by donating proceeds of merchandise profits from the website to the Washington Humane Society.

“At the very least, the best result for the Labradoodles for Obama campaign is the money we raise for the Washington Humane Society” said Nelson. “Beyond that, if Arbo is invited for a play-date on the South Lawn, well, that would be a great bonus.”

Labradoodles For Obama
1609 16th Street NW § Washington, DC 20009

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