Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will Canadians Present A Labradoodle Instead Of Maple Syrup To President Obama Today?

Barack Obama arrives in Ottawa today and the Winnipeg Humane Society wants to mark his first foreign visit as U.S. president with a doodle — a Labradoodle.
Bill McDonald, executive director of the Winnipeg shelter, wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office last month, hoping to arrange for Obama to be presented with a Labradoodle puppy. The idea sprouted in the wake of Obama’s presidential acceptance speech, delivered after he won the election in November.
‘I think that they’ve probably looked at it seriously and thought about the needs of the Obama family.’—Bill McDonald, Winnipeg Humane Society
During that address, he promised to get a puppy for his daughters, Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, but noted it had to be hypoallergenic because Malia has allergies and asthma. He also expressed a preference to adopt a dog from a shelter.
That set off a flurry of speculation as to what type of dog would be living in the White House. Obama has since indicated his daughters have narrowed their choice down to two breeds: a Labradoodle and a Portuguese water dog.
McDonald believes he has a way for Obama to meet all the requirements. The Humane Society seized 11 Labradoodles from a puppy mill in Manitoba in December. The dogs, a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle, are now ready for adoption.
In his January letter to Harper, McDonald suggested the prime minister could present the dog to Obama as a gift from the people of Canada. McDonald said the Winnipeg shelter would be willing to bring a puppy to Ottawa.
McDonald expects to hear from the Prime Minister’s Office by Thursday. Despite the offer and effort he was willing to go through, McDonald thinks he already knows the answer he’ll get.
“I think that they’ve probably looked at it seriously and thought about the needs of the Obama family — and choosing a pet is pretty much a personal choice, a personal decision,” he said. “So, I expect I’ll get the polite ‘thanks, but no thanks.’”

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